New Products Pavilion

Get Up and Go discover the year’s newest, most innovative travel items in the New Products Pavilion (NPP) – the industry’s product debut showcase.

Every significant new travel item makes its introductory bow in the NPP, whether it’s the latest Kickstarter success story, a new launch from a name brand, or companies new to the travel category. You’ll find future best-selling travel solutions like:

  • “smart” luggage with built-in GPS location reporting
  • products that enhance the utility of personal electronics
  • carry-ons that help streamline TSA security screening
  • in-flight comfort items
  • personal hygiene, safety and security solutions for travelers
  • …and that’s just for starters.

This is an industry that thrives on innovation, smoothing the way for people when they’re at their most put-upon: far from the comforts of home. These are products that have a real impact on consumers, the ones your customers and audience members will be grateful to hear about – but you can’t spread the news if you’re not at The Show to spot them first. Your favorite might even win the coveted Buzz Award, so remember to cast your vote!

Travel goods is a fast-moving category, and the New Products Pavilion is its leading edge.