Launch Pods: Jump-start Your Startup

You have a travel goods idea that will change the world. Launch Pods are the accelerated incubator that can get you off the ground, 25 square feet of show-off space with an extremely low entry barrier and loads of upside potential.

Launch Pods grant access to Show attendees, the ultimate focus group and quick-start marketing audience. These are the people best-equipped to help you succeed – they’re potential manufacturing/distribution partners, future retailers and funding sources for you.

A Launch Pod is your chance to show off in front of the world’s savviest travel goods professionals – they’ve seen it all, and they know what consumers desire. If you want expert feedback, if you need to connect with travel goods influencers, this is your audience. Get these retailers and media personalities on board, and you’re primed for sales success.

Launch Pod space is limited, and their low cost means these will sell out quickly. Contact Cathy Hays, chaystga@aol.com, 877-842-1938, x-707 to get in on this opportunity to take your bottom-floor idea all the way to the top.