Launch Pods: Bringing New Energy to The Show

Launch Pods are a new Show feature designed to attract startup companies with fresh new travel products.

In today’s hyper-connected consumer atmosphere, these are the kinds of items that can catch fire on Kickstarter,
Indiegogo and social media. Which means they’re travel solutions you’ll want to be aware of, maybe even stock up on, before they’re discovered by the mainstream.

These are brand new companies with fresh perspective and energy, real problem solvers for real travelers. All will come to The Show with a single product, something they hope will have a positive impact on the travel experience.

The Show has a history of incubating and launching just these types of entrepreneurial, startup companies. Countless items that have debuted at The Show have gone on to become travel goods staples. They might even be among your best sellers, and they got their start right here, on the exhibit floor.

Get on the fast track with these upstarts, and discover some new solutions you’ll want to share with your customers.