Saluting Our Go-Getters

The TGA awards call out the exemplary people and companies showing us how to really
Get up and go. Help spotlight the best among us – nominate the most innovative new products, the brightest minds and those leading the way with community action. All winners will be announced at the TGA Awards Ceremony, Wednesday, February 28, at 5:30 p.m. in meeting room S229.

Community Service Award

Please help us recognize a real hero, someone leading by example with altruistic action for the betterment of all. Nominate someone working to affect positive change and promote social consciousness within the industry and their community. Nomination deadline: January 9, 2018

Product Innovation Awards

Innovation takes more than an idea. It’s extraordinary vision, backed by hard work and stellar execution. Product Innovation Award winners are the game-changers solving real-world problems, redefining the boundaries for utility and design. Winners are selected from items displayed in the New Products Pavilion and voted on by the Product Innovation Awards Committee. Participation deadline: February 6, 2018

The Buzz Award

A talked-about item has impact. And The Buzz Award recognizes the new product generating the most buzz at The Show, voted on by attending retailers and press. Ballots – and all eligible products – can be found in the New Products Pavilion.

Best Booth Awards

The Show is the public face of the travel goods industry, drawing mainstream press and retailers. Making a good impression with them is good for us all. The Best Booth Awards reward those exhibitors making the extra effort to make The Show – and, by extension, all of us – look terrific. Please help give credit where it’s due, vote for your favorites.

The Best Booth Awards recognize companies making the most of their limited exhibit space to show off. Winners are voted on by Show attendees – retailers and media – from The Show Committee’s pre-selected list  – in three categories:

  • 100 square feet
  • 200-300 square feet
  • 400-600 square feet

A win here not only garners more attention at The Show; you’ll get mentioned in the Post-Show issue of Travel Goods Showcase, the industry’s biggest trade magazine, which can provide a little more momentum and positive attention long after you’re home from The Show.