TGA Award Nomination Form

It’s about outstanding professional achievement and making a difference to the industry and community.

Submission Deadline: January 22, 2016.

For example, the nominee has worked in the industry for many years; built a successful business; provided leadership by helping others in the industry; was instrumental in getting others started or making a success in the industry; introduced a new concept later accepted as a standard in the industry; designed an innovative and new product that became an industry mainstay; consistently demonstrates ethical business practices.
For example, the nominee has been active in LLGMA, TGA and/or other industry-related organizations; served on committees or a board of directors; served as an officer; provided leadership to a special project or activity.
For example, the nominee has played a leadership role in community-based organizations; provided leadership to community-based or charitable organizations and their projects; encouraged others to participate; encouraged the involvement of the travel goods industry in activities that advance society.