Promotional & Advertising Opportunities

TGA and The Show Offer the Most Targeted Promotion and Ad Buys in the Travel Goods Market

Expand your Show footprint and give yourself a stronger presence in front of the best retailers in travel goods. No other event draws more retail buyers. Period. We’ve also put together Special Promotion Packages to get more promotion and advertising power for your dollar.

New Products Pavilion (NPP)

Submission Deadline Extended: March 20, 2017
Displaying in the most-visited part of The Show is a proven way to drive booth traffic and raise retailer awareness. Candidates for the Product Innovation Awards and Buzz Award are drawn from NPP items, and a win here can give you an early-season sales boost that carries over for the entire season.

Travel Goods Product Guide (TGPG)

Submission Deadline Extended: February 24, 2017
The booklet-size Travel Goods Product Guide is the industry’s new product yearbook, with placements restricted to the season’s all-new items. Buyers rely on it for a quick overview of what’s new, media use it to plan product coverage, and it goes home with every press attendee and is also distributed to TGA’s media contacts list.

Travel Goods Showcase

Show Issue Ad Space Reservation Deadline Extended: February 17, 2017
The biggest-circulation trade magazine in travel goods is the industry’s most targeted ad buy, reaching every significant retailer, manufacturer and distributor. Travel Goods Showcase ads can carry your message to retailers throughout the year, including the Pre-Show Issue, Show Issue, and Post-Show Issue – the most-referenced issue of the year. The Travel Goods Showcase mailing list includes more than 500 travel editors from major consumer magazines, newspapers and broadcast outlets.

The International Travel Goods Show Directory

Ad Space Reservation Deadline: March 3, 2017
The official guide at The International Travel Goods Show is the industry guidebook, a reference relied on by everyone at The Show, including press and media. When people reach for the Directory they’re looking for answers and receptive to new ideas – which gives an ad placement here added impact.

Special Promotion Packages

Market with More Reach, Greater Impact, and Bigger Discounts
Put a bigger stamp on The Show’s map – give yourself the advantage of multi-channel promotion by advertising in the Show Issue of Travel Goods Showcase, placement in the Travel Goods Product Guide and New Products Pavilion, and save up to 33% off standard pricing.

$575 Package includes:


$950 Package*:

$825 Package*:

  • Travel Goods Showcase magazine advertising 1/2 page horizontal (7″w x 4.875″h) 4-color ad ($2100 value); artwork submission deadline is May 17, 2017 for the Post-Show Issue
  • Travel Goods Product Guide product feature booklet ($500 value); form submission deadline extended: February 24, 2017

$700 Package*:

  • Travel Goods Showcase magazine advertising 1/2 page horizontal (7″w x 4.875″h) 4-color ad ($2100 value); artwork submission deadline is May 17, 2017 for the Post-Show Issue
  • New Products Pavilion product display ($300 value); form submission deadline: March 15, 2017

* Place an additional half page ad (+$575) or full page ad (+$1150) in any of the three issues! Just let us know by noting your request in the “Comments” box on the TGPG Form or the NPP Form.

Note: If submitting the same product for New Products Pavilion and the Travel Goods Product Guide, the Travel Goods Product Guide participation form will suffice for both listings.

Contact Cathy Trecartin for details,, 877-842-1938, x-702.