New Products Pavilion

Submission deadline has past

Turbocharge your profile – show off in the New Products Pavilion (NPP), and give your new products the attention they deserve. This is the most-visited part of The Show, the place to be if you want to catch the eye of influential media personalities and trend-setting retailers.

For a lot of attendees, The Show is almost entirely about what’s new, and they rely on the NPP to gather all the new items together into a single place. This is a high-energy space where attendees truly engage with the product – they’ll touch, they’ll test, they’ll try. They’re eager to discover here, and if you pique their interest you’ll see them marking their Show maps and directories, highlighting booths they want to visit on the exhibit floor.

Stand out at the New Products Pavilion, and you’ll stand out at The Show. It’s really that simple.

New Products Pavilion participation is also your gateway for inclusion on the ballots for the TGA Product Innovation Award and Buzz Award competitions. Bringing one of these trophies home is a PR boon, one that can help you rise above with extra media coverage and retailer attention.

This is the most vital, energized aspect of The Show, and your new items should be a part of it.

Price: $300 per product

Maximize your Show impact with a Special Promotion Package.

Contact: Cathy Trecartin, cttga@aol.com, 877-842-1938, x-702.