Travel Brings Us Together

Thank you for helping us build a better, more exciting 2018 International Travel Goods Show with your travel photos!

We’re after interesting destinations that tickle your inner adventurer. The locations don’t have to be famous or exotic, they just need to show someplace interesting that sparks curiosity and wanderlust. And if they show friends, family members and travel products, all the better! We want to see photos that move you professionally and personally. After all, this is YOUR Show!

And there’s an incentive: if your photo is selected to be included in our “travel murals,” we’ll enter your name in a drawing for free round-trip airfare (up to $500) to The 2018 Show! We will also be giving a $15 gift card to the first 100 people who submit a photo to be used at any restaurant in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall.

We’ll be reproducing these photos big, so quality is essential. They should be clear, sharp, focused, well-lit and properly exposed. And the images should be at least 1200×1200 pixels (but bigger is definitely better). Every photo selected will include your photo credit in the bottom right hand corner.

To submit a photo for inclusion, please email your image to TGA’s Kim Wong. And, please consider sharing with the TGA community via social media with #GetUpAndGo – we’ll retweet and share your photos. With questions, please contact Kate Ryan, 774-929-5223.

Thank you for contributing your best travel photos to The 2018 Show! We look
forward to seeing you – and your photos – there!