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Every time you Get Up and Go – every time you leave the house – is a travel day. And The Show is everything consumers rely on, every day, whether they’re headed across town or around the globe.

If you’re in the travel goods space, you need to be informed. Travel products are evolving at the speed of technology. They’re keeping pace with how people use mobile electronics, with security requirements, with what people need while on the move. And if you’re not at The Show, you’re simply not keeping up with product news and consumer desires.

The Show is the one place you can go to see the latest innovations in travel products, in one location, at one time. And it’s the first time most of these new items will ever be shown.

These are the brands consumers depend on every day. These are the items that make life portable. Travel items like day bags, business cases, organizers, handbags and backpacks are everyday staples, and you’ll find more of them, and a larger variety, at The International Travel Goods Show.

But The Show is more than brands – it’s privileged access to the people behind them. Chat with an exhibitor about a product, and there’s a good chance you’re speaking with the designer, a sales director, even the CEO. This is personal connection that can’t be duplicated by phone or email.

It pays to show up where the brands show off: The International Travel Goods Show.

Note for attendees from outside the U.S. or Canada: If you need a U.S. Visa in order to attend, you can easily request the U.S. Visa letter during the registration process.

Badges for The Show are not mailed – you must pick up your Show Badge onsite at Badge Pick-up. Please bring your confirmation email, business card and ID.